See? Here's that's going on in the picture:

If you know, the truck is moved over one place, since I "moved" it with Strength. In the bottom box, it says "Nick received MEW!"

The trouble is, in the Game Boy game, when you catch a Pokémon in a Poké Ball, it says "Nick got MEW!" instead of "Nick received MEW!" Nuts.

What I did was take a regular picture of my Game Boy with my digital camera. Then I went through my Pokémon Red ROM, took a screen shot of that part in the game, and then edited it a bit so that the truck was moved back a bit and added the "Nick received MEW!" text. Then with a bit of adjusting, adding some "blank Game Boy screen" color to it, fading the screen out so that the reflection was still there, I placed it over the real picture of the Game Boy to produce the picture you had seen.

Cool, huh?


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