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Tuesday, March 6th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• OK, One For the Road / Heh
• Fake Card Skills Update / New Font

Like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, I got nothin'.

OK, One For the Road

Fake Cards - 12:30 PM PST

OK, I suppose I can make one for make for you.

Today's cards is Gligar.



More Mayakashi Edition Cards

AAAAHHHH! MY FACE!!! (^_^) Hee hee hee, this is another one of Nick15's rather interesting and all togehter original ideas. Much like Rocket's Drowzee, Gligar here is ANIMATED (although it's a movie file). I don't think the animation is all that good, but I think a lot of you kids out there will like it. Heh. .... Oh, and you need Quicktime 4 to view the movie.

As for the card itself, it seems pretty balanced to me. One attack, 2 energy doing 30 damage and auto poison (with self damage), wrapped up in a rather low 60 HP? Basically balanced.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to add the "-30" Resistance again. But oh well, it's not a ground shaking error. Hardly worth mentioning.

OK, THIS is the last one I'm going to do for a while, at least until PA!5 is done (which could be up by this weekend [hint hint]).

Fake Card Skills Update

Other News - 12:30 PM PST

Well, it turns out that all this time, the REAL Pokémon TCG font is actually GILL SANS and NOT Humanist 521. But they're so alike, no one would have really noticed. .... Anyway, expect a font package update sometime soon.

Monday, March 5th, 2001

Posted by: PMX

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...ALL YOUR BASE ARE NOW BELONG TO US!

• MASSIVE Fakes / Am I Crazy or What?
• Attack Archive UpdateThe Motherload!
• New "Tournament" Set / The "Mystery" Set
• Gameboy Advance Pokemon Edition / Spiffen
• More of Nick15's Mayakashi Cards / More I sez!

DANGIT!!!! Texas never ever gets any snow. From what I hear, the folks up in NY and NJ are getting pounded with snow and here I am sitting in the middle of it all...Good Grief!

P.S. - Go see Recess: School's Out! I didn't wanna see it in the first place but after seeing it I realized that it was a cool movie.

Nick15 sez: Don't forget to check out yesterday's fakes!


Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

TEN, Yes that's right TEN new fake cards for ya'll today. Enjoy em' all!

Today's cards are Electabuzz, Miltank, Dragonite, Celebi, Porygon2, Lugia, Ho-oh, Tauros, Porygon and Onix






















More X Expansion Cards

Ahhh! There are just too many cards to talk about. So I'll make one general statement about all of em....THEY ALL RULE!. There, that should cover it.

Attack Archive Update

Site News - 12 Midnight PST

Jeez Louise! I have gotten soooo many emails with attacks that I just can't add em all! I added the coolest attacks I saw though.

The PA! Original Attack Archive

Remember! If you have any original attacks that you want to have featured in the Attack Archive then please send them to JZollo66@aol.com. Not everyone's attacks will make it into the archive but there is a good chance that they will. Also, I ask that you send your attacks categorized so I just can cut and past from your email.

New "Tournament" Set

TCG Info - 12 Midnight PST

Sometime in the near future Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a new "Tournament" set. This set will include 151 ORIGINAL cards. I think that WoTC will just pick random cards from the vending card sets. There isn't much information about this set but you can expect to see it on PA! as soon as it becomes available. Until then this set shall remain shrouded in mystery.

This set is slated for an April, 2001 release. I believe that this is Alias of Base Set #3.

Gameboy Advance Pokemon Edition

GB Info - 12 Midnight PST

Why does Pokemon always get their own special gameboy? Why doesn't Nintendo give poor Mario or Link their own special Gameboy....this question along with the number of licks it takes to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop shall NEVER be answered.

According to EAGB.net, a special addition Game Boy Advance is planned to be released in the Pokemon Center in Tokyo and the other Pokemon Center in Osaka on March 21. The cover is blue (to represent Suicine). And there is a Pichu and Pikachu on the cover (Must they always use Pichu and Pikachu). This special GBA will cost about 9,800 Yen which is 80$ US.

Gameboy Advance Pokemon Edition

More of Nick15's Mayakashi Cards

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

3 more from this set makes a total of 13 fake cards on PA! today. Fairly close to the record! ... Which is... uhm.... uh... I forgot. Either way, the record will be broken once more at some point...

Today's cards are Crobat, Slugma, and Magcargo.







More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Well, to sort of make up for yesterday's semi-lack of cards, I bring you 3 today. Whoo!

Crobat, another one of my Weakness switchers. Unlike other flying poison cards, this one has a weakness to Electric insteaf od psychic. Whoo! .... Now game wise, it has a mah-volous use.... anti-poison! Actually, if it's poisoned, you get to remove counters rather than put them on (Text Ruling Change: For ever 1 damage counter you would put on Crobat while it's poisoned, you may instead take 1 off. That way you can take 2 counters off if Base Nidoking used it's Toxic attack on it.) Then it's Double Poison attack can make Crobat poison itself, which just adds on to the fun. ;) Well worth it's holo rarity.

With Slugma, picture wise, I wanted to try something different. Rather than a glop of orange paste, I make it look like it was really molten lava (to the best of my ability). I don't think it came out well though. .... The Slug-cargo set abuses the new "Char" counter to it's very limits. Spit has an auto-char effect. No damage though. Flare Up is useful for Magcargo, as you'll soon find out.

First though.... Magcargo didn't look all that good totally black with molten parts, so I decided to make it looks like a molten pile of orange Kool-Aid like how it's regularly drawn. Now for the game part.... Magcargo's Flamethrower attack makes wonderful use of Slugma's Flare Up attack. Build up energy, and burn away your opponent! And if that's not annoying, check out the Cinderksplosion attack (prounounced: sin-derk-splow-shun). Auto-char for ALL your opponent's Pokémon. Ok, so Magcargo nukes itself in the process, but it'll drive your opponent nuts! Not so much from all the damage flying around... but all the coin flipping too! Oh the madness! Mwahahahahhaahahah!

[slight pause] I've had my fun...

Oh on a side note, PA!5 is about 80% done. Whooo! I hope to have it up sometime soon. And on that day too, there'll be a really cool fake surprize. And only I know what it is. ;) .... But also, since I'm working my bottom off on PA!5, I'm going to stop making fakes again. I know, it's too soon, but my energy is being focused on getting PA!5 done and finished so that I can get busy on other projects. Sla.

Ok, bye now!

Sunday, March 4th, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• S'More Fakes / Sla
• A Tribute to the Late Webmaster of NGPoke.com / [moment of silence]

Sla. Nothing new for today.

S'More Fakes

Fake Cards - 3:30 PM PST

Wheee! Energy!

Today's cards are Evil Energy and Steel Energy.

Evil Energy


Steel Energy


More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Energy cards. No comment.

A Tribute to the Late Webmaster of NGPoke.com

Other News - 3:30 PM PST

If you didn't know already, Dominence (aka Digital Anthrax) of NGPoke.com had died in a tragic motor bike accident at the age of 14. Although I question what a 14 year old is doing on a motor bike, it doesn't mask the fact that people are suffering from a lot of pain at their loss.

Now there is a tribute page up at http://www.kogaincity.com/digitalanthrax/, I think it would be nice of you to sign the guestbook and express your feelings about his death.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2001

Posted by: PMX

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• MORE Fakes / They just don't stop!
• Attack Archive Update / Yes, ANOTHER one...
• English Promo Entai! / Soh-me-yo!
• Will 15+ Be Added to the STS? / Well?

What a coincidence that both me and Nick made Ledyba cards! I was laughing so hard. Anyhow, the Pokemon news world is slow as heck. I could not dig up any information whatsoever! Oh well.....On Another Note, I won't be able to update tomorrow but you can definitely expect a big update on Monday cause I don't have to goto school!

Nick15 Sez: Fakes will be up later today, I hope.

MORE Fakes

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

2 More Fakes! We are rapidly approaching the completion of the X Expansion. I am already planning the Voyagers Expansion which is about 78 Cards. 

The Voyagers Expansion
25 Rare-Holos
15 Rare
16 Uncommon
22 Common

You can expect all these cards to be absolutely perfect! I might even break out a pencil and draw (I am a crappy artist).

Today's cards are Skarmony and Donphan.

Skarmony's Pokemon Power is really great because it has the ability to do actual damage. Next time I do a Pokemon Power I will be sure that I use my creative mind to make a really super-keen effect. ^_^

If you saw Pokemon: The First Movie then you should know what rolling thrash is. Rolling Thrash has the potential to do up to 60 Damage but can do some damage to itself.

Attack Archive Update

Other Info - 12 Midnight PST

Wow, after one day I already start getting emails loaded with original attacks. I got an email from pkukuli@nycap.rr.com also known as Draconis at the PA! forums. I also got some super-keen attacks from AProkho383@aol.com

The PA! Original Attack Archive

Remember! If you have any original attacks that you want to have featured in the Attack Archive then please send them to JZollo66@aol.com.

English Promo Entai!

TCG Info - 12 Midnight PST

Hmmm! Thanks to SoSlowpoke for this tidbit. Wizards finally releases an image of Movie Promo Entai. Here it is! Oh but first, Wizards confirmed that the next League promo will be Pichu (most likely Neo 2 Binder Pichu). And now here's Entai.

Basic Pokémon
80 HP


Pokémon Power: Bolt - Whenever your opponent's attack damages Entai, unless that attack Knocks Out Entai, flip a coin. If heads, shuffle Entai and all cards attached to it into your deck. This power can't be used if Entai is already Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed when it is damaged.

50 damage
Protective Flame - During your opponent's next turn, prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to your Benched Pokémon.

Lv. 33
Promo #34

15+ Reinstated to the STS!

Other Info - 12 Midnight PST

Hmmmm.... well, we'll find out sooner or later. Here's what Dark Master Trainer Mike of the 'Gym had to say about this:

To 15 and up Pokemon Trading Card Game fans,

We thank you for your impassioned messages and calls concerning the format of the 2001 Super Trainer Showdowns. We are glad you love the Pokemon Trading Card Game so much. We want you to know that we recognize the unique and important contribution of the 15 and up players to the world of Pokemon Trading Card Game.

We also want to assure you that we hear your concerns, and in fact we are busy finalizing our Super Trainer Showdown plans. We hope to announce the plan on our website in the next week.

The Pokemon Brand Team

Don't believe me? Go here: http://boards.wizards.com/pokegym/Forum7/HTML/000014.html

Friday, March 2nd, 2001

Posted by: PMX & Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Fakes Galore / Oh Nelly!
• Attack Archive UpdateHoo Hah
• Topps Doesn't Stop / Johto Cards?
• Up, Up, and Awaaaay! With My Beautiful Fakes! / Buggy.

PMX's Comments:
Hey Hey! Yesterday I picked up a copy of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. I must say, after playing it a few times it is one of the best games ever. I recommend that you download the demo and try it for yourself.
.... Also, be sure to check out the two brand new Johto League episodes on Saturday.

Nick15's Comments:
Nick15 here, sharing his vast and infinite cultural wisdom to you, the readers. Yes, I have a LOT of information on really keen bits of American Culture that you never though existed. Rather than sitting down to your Eminem and Britney Spears crap, try something original and different here. ;) ...... Today's bit of you-ought-to-see-this-since-its-different is... The Wizard of Speed and Time! Ever seen it? It's a REALLY cool movie. Well, it's quite difficult for me to explain (I'm sort of sleepy right now), but most certainly the
official site could explain it all to you. Now if you want the coolness of the movie wrapped up into a little font file, then I've got another fun link for. It's the official Jittlov Font Library and it has all sorts of little font gizmos and trinkets that really kick arse. Sorry, it's for Mac users only (who says we never get the cool stuff?). Enjoy! ..... (Maybe I should make a Nick15's Culture section. Hmmmm....)

Also I should mention.... whoo! PA!'s not only the site with the best fake cards, but also the best fake cards... twice a day! Only at PA! can you have TWICE the Ledyba cards on the same day.

Fakes Galore

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Cha Ching! I got two new fakes for y'all today.

Today's cards are Ledyba and Pikachu Doll.


Ledyba's Creepy Crawler attack is really great for a basic Pokemon because it can do up to 40 damage. Unfortunately it only has 50 HP which makes it susceptible to high damage attacks.

Pikachu Doll is just another Clefairy Doll / Fossil impersonation only this baby has 20 HP. I never saw any point in these types of cards except to stall the game. And as for the picture.....I know, its VERY sad.

Check Back tomorrow and I will have Skarmony and Donphan. Also, I have some artwork to add to the Picture Gallery.

Attack Archive Update

Other Info - 12 Midnight PST

It looks like some people actually like the Attack archive ! I got an email from travc1@excite.com also known as Travydude at the PA! forums with a whole batch of new attacks.

The PA! Original Attack Archive

Remember! If you have any original attacks that you want to have featured in the Attack Archive then please send them to JZollo66@aol.com

Topps Doesn't Stop

Other Cards - 12 Midnight PST

After the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series of their semi-popular Pokemon TCG game it looks like Topps is at it again! They are going to be making a whole new series devoted to the good Pokemon from the Johto region. The set size is about 90 cards. The website doesn't have any information on this new set but they have great information on the older sets. The Topps Pokemon TCG isn't as popular as the WoTC Pokemon TCG but I have occasionally seen some people sticking em' in with their collection.

Although you can't battle with them you can always stare at them......well maybe not but you should check the website found here. Hopefully, they will update their Page with new information regarding their new "Johto Journey" TCG set.

Up, Up, and Awaaaay! With My Beautiful Fakes!

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Well, another day of fake cards for you all. Hoo hah!

Today's cards are Ledyba and Ledian.





More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Here's a fun little contest for you (no prize involved)..... how many Ledyba are in the Ledyba picture? Look REALLY closely. I can have a desktop image for you if you need it. .... Now you want to talk about a card that works well with itself, well here's the one. Ledyba's Swarm power gives it extra HP for each other Ledyba on the bench. Then you've got it's Warning Call attack, which lets you plop more Ledyba on your bench. You can get 60 HP easily!

Ledian puts the "all" in "allies"! It's Support attack can have you smackin' down 70 damage a turn. But unlike Wigglytuff, the Support attack IS balanced. ... Then better yet, if you lack a bench, you can use Poisonmist to do a little extra damage and a chance of Poison, without having to bother adding energy or whatever else.

As always, stop by tomorrow for s'more fake cards



Thursday, March 1st, 2001

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• More Fakes! / Sla!

More boredom in the world of Pokémon. .... Well, there was that big quake that razzled Seattle, Washington (headquarters of Wizards), so the the company offices are closed for a day or maybe the rest of the week. vSo because of this, it's pretty doubtful that there'll be a chat this week.

Oh, just a reminder.... the X Expansion is PMX's creation, not mine (Nick15). I don't know how many email I got saying "I know you're busy with the X Expansion and all, but..." (@_@)

Also kids, each time you visit my site, I will send you $40! (Checks will not be honored.) [Don't fall for this little quirk.]

More Fakes!

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Uhm.... yeah!

Today's cards are Sentret and Furret.





More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Sentret is as useful as a common could get. At least Tail Smack has some use. If you can get lucky, this attack can do 30 damage and paralyzation for only 2 energy. ;)

Now Furret here... THIS is the real fun card. Your opponent would have to add extra Gusts to get rid of this sucka. Why? Because of Furret's Nest Power. If a Pokémon has an HP of 80 or higher, it can't do damage to it. No more Wiggly, no more Blastoise, no more Rocket's Zapdos, or any other tough powered Pokémon! That's because it's nest, as suggested by it's flavor text, is way too small for big Pokémon to enter. ... Plus it's Burrow attack, 40 for 2 energy, can be a major pain to anyone with any lower HP Pokémon. ;)

Hoo hah! .... Stop by tomorrow for more fakes. ;)

Wednesday, February 28th, 2001

Posted by: PMX

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• A Message from Tyais / The PokeGym Guru Speaks
• 1x + 1x = 2 X Expansion Cards / Trainer Day!
• 2 New Mayakashi Edition Fakes / A Cold Day In Hell
• PA! Forums Reconstruction / Out With the Old, In With the Nucleus

Uhg....world of Pokemon News today is at a bare minimum today. Sorry folks, tomorrow, I plan to have some special Fake Card Making tools to make up for my lack of news today. If you have any news please send it to
JZollo66@aol.com. Looks like i'm going to be hunting for news in computer class tomorrow.

A Message from Tyais

Other Info - 12 Midnight PST

In reaction to WoTC's decision to ban 15+ year olds from the STS, former PokeGym Webmaster and current WizPog administrator Tyais has issued a statement regarding few ways in which you can help!

The Pokemon S.O.S.
Also known as Save our Senior Citizen Players. (haha! Just kidding!)
Save the 15 and older Age Group
Written by Tyais

As most of you have heard by now, Wizards of the Coast has decided that the will be eliminating the 15 and older age group from the East Coast STS 2001 as well as the East Coast STS Mall Tour 2001. While they didn't reference the West Coast STS, you can expect the same to happen to the West.


Unless we change their minds. Wizards has changed their mind before and we can make them change it again. Anyone remember when for the first STS, Wizards was going to have only the Base Set and Jungle Expansion sets? Do to customer feedback, they reversed it and opened it up for more decks.

We can do the same. We can make a difference.

(Just a note, for those of you who don't know, Scott Gerhardt and I hardly EVER agree on anything. I sent him a message about this and for the first time in ages we agree on something! If Scott AND I agree on something, its bound that 98% of you out there will agree!)

Now, I see tons of people going out there and making petitions. Let me introduce the first rule here.

1) Do NOT make Petitions!
Most of you are saying, "You %$^# moron you! If they see 200 signatures they HAVE to change their minds!" Well in reality, Wizards won't accept the petitions. Wizards looks at petitions the way we look at fake cards. Worthless. Petitions can be forged to easily and hold no value to them. I suggest you look below on how you CAN help this situation!

There are two mains ways that we can change Wizards mind. Now, I see those of you out there who once again think, "I'm just one person, what can I do?" or, "Wizards will never change their mind just because of me." Well, guess what? You're wrong! Now, if it WERE only you, I would say you couldn't do anything. But if we go out in force, they will see how much money we will bring in. Below are the two suggestions and the final two rules.

2) E-mail Wizards of the Coast!
Wizards has its own little E-mail set up for customer service. Before I tell you that E-mail, make sure your doing it right. When you are E-mailing Wizards of the Coast, please, act your age group. If you are in the 15+ age group, act like it! Do NOT insult, flame, call them stupid, insult, or do any sort of degrading thing in your E-mails. Wizards won't WANT to hold a 15+ if they see how immature they are ahead of time!

Now for that E-mail, make sure that you clearly explain why you are E-mailing. Below I have include a sample letter to Wizards of how to express your anger in a good way. (Feel free to use this as your own E-mail, replacing your name and other things that are personal.)


[Subject Line: RE: Decision to Eliminate 15+ Age Group]

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Tyais. I am E-mailing Wizards regarding their decision to eliminate the 15 and older age group from the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown and the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown Mall Tours. As a member of the 15 and older age group, at fifteen years old, I am extremely displeased with this action. The Super Trainer Showdown is the greatest event that Wizards puts on for the Pokemon TCG. I know that I, as well as many other 15 and older players, were expecting to go to the East Coast STS and have a great time participating in the events there of.

In Wizards decision to eliminate this group, I would like to express that they will be loosing valuable players, one of which is me. By cutting the older age group, Wizards will be loosing the money which I, and other 15+ players, spend on the Pokemon TCG.

Thank you,


Now, I might suggest you personalize it a little bit, but that is the basic idea. I showed Wizards my opinion in a gentleman-like manner (it will have to be lady-like for all the PokeMoms and Lasses out there) and still got my point across.

So please, E-mail Wizards at CustServ@Wizards.com and show them your discontent.

3) Call Wizards up!
This may make you feel awkward and all, but calling them is a GOOD idea. Just do machine like message to them and tell them how you feel. Introduce yourself, tell them where you are from, and then tell them that you are calling to tell Wizards that you are upset by their move to eliminate the 15 and older age group. You may even want to write down what you will say before hand and then read over it a few times so you will come across as a very intelligent person. The phone number you will want to call to express this is 1-800-324-6496. So if you don't E-mail them, call them up!

What you will all have to realize in all of this, is that we CAN make a difference. Go after this with full force. Show Wizards that you want to be a player at the East Coast STS! The quote I like for this comes from a Dark, Wise Man that we shall call.... Mike. ;-)

The quote goes like this:
"The wind that blows the loudest does not always tear down the mountain. For the mountain is made of rock. Rather it is the steady wind of time that carves the stone into the sculptors masterpiece."

We need to be that wind. If we are a steady force, one coming across as polite and smart, we can carve the mountain that is Wizards of the Coast into what we want it to be. Be the wind guys.

If you want to contact me about this article in any way, just E-mail me at Pokegym@Tyais.com. I will be glad to help anyone in anyway possible. Remember guys, S.O.S!



"I'm just another Pokemon player like you guys."

Heh, looks like I should not have made that Petition after all...oh well, every little bit counts.

1x + 1x = 2 X Expansion Cards

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

1x + 1x = 2 X Expansion Cards! Ah, nothing like good ol' Algebra to start the mind thinking. Any way, I hope you will like today's fakes.

Today's Cards are X Attack and Headache.

X Attack

# 58/63


# 40/63

More X Expansion Cards

X Attack is able to do up to an additional 20 damage instead of the usual 10 by Plus Power. This card kind of makes Plus Power obsolete in a way, heck I would rather stick 3 of these in my deck instead of plus powers.

Headache is Perfect for a Stall deck! It prevents your opponent from attacking on his/her next turn. Originally I was going to have it so that it would do 10 damage and prevent your opponent from attacking on his/her

Tomorrow, I will have Pikachu Doll and Ledyba.

2 New Mayakashi Edition Fakes

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Freeze my arse off here...

Today's cards are Swinub and Piloswine.





More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Swinub and Piloswine, interesting type shifters here. Hmmmm...

Swinub here is a useful tech Pokémon. It's not as "newbie" minded as you may think. Sure it has two attack and the both do the same, however that's the deal there. You can use this in both Water and Fighting decks, and it'll still do damage. Better yet, as opposed to colorless attacks that do a mere 10 damage, just drop a Water or Fighting energy and do 20 damage. Flexability is a player's dream. ;)

Piloswine really should be a rare, but it isn't. Winter's Grasp will chop 10 HP from all non-Water Pokémon. No if's, and's, or but's. The Snovalanche attack is quite useful when you want to nix a card... ANY card. Is that Defender in your way? What about that pesky energy card? Bump it off with this. (Eratta: You can't discard a Evolution card with Snovalanche.)(Note: One mistake is noted, "max HP" should be "maximum HP".)

As for each Pokémon's weakness, considering that they're both Ice Pokémon, it would make sense to give them fire weakness. They're melting.... melting...! (^_^)

OK, stop by again tomorrow for more Mayakashi Edition fakes.

PA! Forums Reconstruction

Forums - 12 Midnight PST

Say goodbye to the PA! Forums.... Right now it's being "updated" to the Nick15.com Forums. Instead of making like 5 different forums for each of the sites at Nick15.com, I've decided to merge all of them together into one single community. So basically you don't have to move much to talk anime or politics or Pokémon, since it'll be all at your fingertips for your convienence.

Right now you can witness me working on it. The PA! Forums has already began it's transistion to the Nick15.com Forums, however it's not totally finished yet. Because of me working on it like this, don't be alarmed at any of the changes being made. There WILL be forums being moved around and renamed and added, so keep an eye out for those changes.

To see what I have planned for the new Nick15.com Forums, stop by http://www.nick15.com/ezboard/. That place will be the main portal to the Forums. It'll be easier to remember than the original ezBoard address. ... Speaking of which, the Nick15.com forums will STILL be located at http://pub42.ezboard.com/bpokemonaaah, but don't let the address fool you from now on, it won't be a Pokémon only forum. One of the more interesting forums would be the Bwow Nation: Politics forum. Now you can be absolutly free to discuss all sorts of political topics, AND to talk and discuss more of the sensitive topics, like religion, etc.

Now I don't have a set date when I'll have all this finished. It'll be done with I get done with it, I suppose. Give it about a week or so, at best. ... Interesting enough, this is taking place on around the 1st year anniversary of the official oppening of the PA! Forums, which occured when my server deleted itself for like the third time. But don't worry though, considering the last crash was back in July 2000 (about 7 months ago), I don't think you have anything to worry about. This server's as fit as a fiddle. ;)


Tuesday, February 27th, 2001

Posted by: PMX & Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Special GS Gameboy / I want one!
• One New Card / What! Only one?
• Pre-Made Attack Archive / From the brain of PMX
• Nick15's Back In the Mix / More Fakes!

Well everyone, it seems that I am moving to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in about 2-3 weeks. So I won't be able to update from the 12th of March to the 23rd of March. This totally sucks because the truck comes to get all my stuff on the 12th and doesn't deliver it until the new house until the 23rd. THE HUMANITY! I can't be computer-less for more than 2 days or else I go insane. Hopefully by then PA!5 will be up and my new news posters will be covering for me.

Tomorrow, you can expect 3 more trainer cards X Attack, Headache and Pikachu Doll. Those will be the last of the Trainer Cards for the X Expansion. This weekend I hope to finish this set and get started with my next set sometime after March 26th.

Special GS Gameboy

GB Info - 12 Midnight PST

As some of you already know, a Special GS Gameboy was released in Japan from the Pokemon Center. It had Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil on it. Nintendo has decided to release it in the USA. It is not exactly like the Japanese version but it'll do.

It would have been nice if NoA could have just for once NOT used Pikachu! If they are making it a Special GS Gameboy then it should have more than one GS Pokemon on it.

Click Here To See The Special GS Gameboy

One New Card

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Today's card ties right into my Physics class with a little bit of Star Trek mixed right in.

Today's Card is Antimatter Discharge.

Antimatter Discharge

# 41/63

More X Expansion Cards

Antimatter Discharge has the potential to cause Sleep, Confusion, Poisoning or Paralysis. I believe that there should be more cards that can do either damage or cause some sort of an effect.

Tomorrow, I will have 3 of the last trainer cards in the X Expansion.

Pre-Made Attack Archive

Other Info - 12 Midnight PST

Straight from the creative mind of PMX right into your graphics program! Today in Lunch I got a little bored, so I pulled out a piece of paper and started writing down attack names. Most of them were from what I learned in school. Some of the attacks on this list were taken directly from some of my cards. But you can use them any way you wish.

The Attack Names Archive

Nick15's Back In the Mix

Fake Cards - 12 Midnight PST

Nick15 here, back with some classic PA! fake cards from my Mayakashi Edition. Hoo hah!

Today's card is Heracross.



More Mayakashi Edition Cards

Heracross lives up to it's Bug/Fighting type. Since I'm here to try different things all the time, I made Heracross into a Fighting type! Whoo...

Next to it's unusual (yet totally with the game) Weakness, Heracross also has a very unique yet balanced attack. .... Auto Paralyzation! What's the down side? Heracross becomes confused. Sure the attack is good the first time around, but that Confusion can become a neusence. ;)

As for the picture, this is one of my usual rush jobs. Didn't bother much on doing the shading right or working on the background or anything... sla. Also the card is much lighter now so that it'll look better on PC monitors... yet still pretty good on Mac monitors. Actually for some odd reason, it being lighter like this on my Mac monitor makes it look more realistic than before. Maybe it's my eyes or something. Hmmmm....

Tomorrow, I'll have some more fakes, so stay tuned.

Monday, February 26th, 2001

Posted by: PMX

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Movie Promo Theory / Why only one promo?
• 2 New Fakes / Rising the dead....spooky
• Kanto Pokemon Gallery / Ken S. Gallery now complete
• Entei Promo Found / Hot Stuff!
• WoTC Petition / Time to retaliate

It seems our beloved leader nick has officially gone insane! He was just fine on Saturday but now it seems that he blew a fuse or two. He posted this link on Saturday....don't ask me where it goes because I am too scared to click it! Well, everyone has to go insane and let go sometimes. Heck, if it weren't for the debate team at my school I would never get a chance to release all my anger.

Nick15 sez: ALL YOURBASE AREBELONG TO US ..... Also, a few PA!5 surprizes. 1: Updates to the Fan Made Fake Card section, with all the really cool new stuff you sent me. (Remember, send your fan made fakes to fakecards@nick15.com!). 2: In light of the new "Light" type Pokémon seen in Neo 4, PA!5 will have a whole set of them made up. And by whole set I mean in Regular American, Gym, and Neo styles (that's a lot of work). Now even though I'm sick of making new blanks, I would rather stay on the ball of what Japan or the US dishes out rather than lag behind. 3to (if I make Light blanks, I might as well keep the ball rolling and do the rest). 4: An amazing Mayakashi Edition surprize you'd never thought possible... but it happens. ;)

In the mean time, I will have updates to the Classic border'd American and Gym style Steel and Dark Blanks. The ones I have were made before Neo, and since Neo has been out for a GREAT while, I've decided to redo them. Speaking of blanks, I've updated the REST of them to that they're better looking on PC monitors. Finally, you can use the Steel and Trainer blanks without having to worry about them being too dark. ;)

Nick15's Blanks

Ok, for great justice, move "Zig".

Movie Promo Theory

TCG Info - Midnight 12:00

After yesterdays post about there only being one promo for the next Pokemon movie I think people kind of got a little disappointed...I did get a few emails about what was given out in Japan. Here is an interesting email I got from Kanedx9456@aol.com....

The reason that the only promo is Entei is because the whole movie is centered around Entei and there really aren't anymore major Pokemon in the movie. My father works for Wizards of the Coast so I know this information is a fact. I still think though that they should have made other promos even if they didn't have to do with the movie, I mean look at ancient Mew! But my dad has confirmed the the Entei will be Holo.

P.S. PA! is the best Pokemon site ever!

Well, at least we get Holo card! I really hope this is true because I sure could use an Entei Holo to put into my collection! I am sure that the promo will show up on eBay in a few weeks....

I also got some nice pictures of the movie promos that were given out in Japan. Click Here to See them (Thanks to mewtwo@devin-afshin.com and Legendary Dog@aol.com).

I think that those cards will be translated and given out as Promos for the Pokemon League or possibly a promo given out in Pokemon Stadium 2.

2 New Fakes

Fake Cards - Midnight 12:00

I got 2 new trainer cards for ya'll ! Again, they are fairly simple...didn't want to get too complex or else the text on the card would be too long.

Today's Cards are Resurrection and The Big Bang.


# 63/63

The Big Bang

# 59/63

More X Expansion Cards

Resurrection is a very useful card because normally when you would use a plain old revive it would only bring back your Pokemon with 50% of its HP. With this nice little card you get all of your HP back!

The Big Bang is based off a Magic: The Gathering spell card. All it does is do 20 damage to on of your opponents Pokemon but cannot be used to knock out the Pokemon. For instance, if I had a Pichu as my active Pokemon and my opponent had a Pikachu. I use 2 Big Bangs but one of them will not count. Only 20 damage will be done to the Pokemon you are attacking.

I might just have one new fake tomorrow but I would rather concentrate on getting more "To Be A Fake Master" sections up. So look forward to tomorrow's fake card making tool!

Kanto Pokemon Gallery

Other Info - Midnight 12:00

After hours and hours of downloading and downloading I have finally completed the Ken Sugimori Pokemon Picture Gallery! Now nobody needs to go on the internet for hours and hours searching for pictures for their fake Pokemon Cards. Instead, just come right here to PA!

To all you aspiring artists! If you have artwork and you want it to be featured in our art gallery then just email it right on over to JZollo66@aol.com and I will be glad to put it up. Remember, make sure its okay if some people use your pictures in their fake cards or on their websites.

Gallery Pictures will be updated by me every Saturday update, so send them before Friday to guarantee that they will be added to our database.

The PA! Ken Sugimori Pokemon Gallery

Entei Promo Found

TCG Info - Midnight 12:00

Many of you may remember the Neo 2 Promo Folder that was handed out a while ago in Japan. I would say that WoTC is going to use this one as the Promo for the 3rd Pokemon Movie. Thanks to jonlai@ipoline.com for sending this to me. Check out his website !

It's either this or the other one from the Neo 3 Set. They might do the one from Neo 3 because it is not reverse Holo, but the question still remains....if they use the one from the Neo 2 Promo Folder will it be Reversed Holo? Only time will tell.

Could this be the Pokemon 3: The Movie Promo?

WoTC Petition!

Other Info - Midnight 12:00

I have received multiple emails about how this Petition will do nothing but I am still going to do it because I believe that every little part counts. I think that this is very important and what Wizards is doing is wrong and no matter what, I will never stop trying to convince WoTC that they are doing the wrong thing until the day that they let us 15 Year Olds Play Again!

I have also added the link to the Daily Reminders Section.

Click Here to Sign The Petition!

Sunday, February 25th, 2001

Posted by: PMX

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• WoTC Bans 15+ Players / Now they have gone too far...
• Pokemon 4: The Movie / Possible 2001 release?
• Important Release Dates / Oooohh...
• 2 New Fake Cards / The X Expansion is back!
• Pokemon 3 Promo / Yes...Promo not Promos

I just love my new computer! This thing is so fast, It downloads faster plus making Fake Cards goes a LOT more smoother because of the graphic enhancements made to the Pentium 4. If you are getting a new computer anytime soon I recommend the Gateway Performance 1500. It's just got everything you could ever want.

Anyway, I got a GREAT update for ya today! Its just gigantic. Tomorrow the Kanto Pokemon Gallery should be up as well as 2 new fake cards.


WoTC Bans 15+ Players

TCG Info - Midnight 12:00

I would have never thought that WoTC Would EVER go this far but they have...they have decided to BAN all 15+ TCG Players from the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown AND The Pokemon League Mall Tour. I cannot begin to describe the anger I felt towards WoTC when I heard this.

This is a serious act of discrimination against Teenagers. WoTC probably gets a lot of their sales from 15+ players because they have a lot of money. I am 16 and I normally buy boxes from local card shops for about 75$ each. Because of this horrible act against teens I predict that WoTC WILL lose a lot of money this year. Teens do produce a lot of revenue for WoTC with Magic and Pokemon.

Tomorrow there will be a petition for everyone to sign! Even if you are younger than 15 years of age you should still sign it if you think that Wizards is not doing the right thing.

Pokemon 4: The Movie

Misc. Info - Midnight 12:00

Could it even be possible? There is a rumor going around that Pokemon 4: The Movie will be coming out a few months after Pokemon 3: The Movie. I really don't think that 4Kids would do 2 movies so close together.

December, in my opinion, is one of the worst months to release a movie. People are always busy doing Christmas shopping and whatnot. 4Kids and Nintendo just might use their heads for once and release the movie in January or February of next year.

Important Release Dates

Other Info - Midnight 12:00

Here is a complete list of Pokemon Related releases for the next year...

Title of Game / Movie

March, 2001

Neo 2: Discovery (USA)

April, 2001

Pokemon 3: The Movie (USA)

April, 2001

Neo 3: Revelation (USA)

September, 2001

Pokemon 4: The Movie (Japan)

July, 2001

Pokemon 4: The Movie (USA)

December, 2001

Pokemon Tournament Expansion (USA)

April, 2001

2001 Sure will be a great year for Pokemon!

2 New Fake Cards

Fake Cards - Midnight 12:00

After a short vacation the X Expansion is back with 2 hot new cards.

Today's cards are Pikachu and X Defense.



X Defense


More X Expansion Cards

These are 2 cards I whipped up in under an hour so they aren't the best in the world.

Pikachu's "Negative" Ion attack may be weak, but I like it because it does damage and Paralyzes your opponent.

Another Fairly simple card, X Defense, prevents up to 40 damage to your Pokemon. Basically like 2 Defense's.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have Resurrection and The Big Bang. So stay tuned! Same PA! Place, Same PA! Channel.

Pokemon 3 Promo

TCG Info - Midnight 12:00

The Promo for the Third Pokemon Movie in the USA will be Entei unfortunately that will be the only promo. Nintendo Power has confirmed this in the February issue. What I do not understand is why they would make four Promos for the last 2 movies and only one for this one!

If anyone has any information about the promos given out in Japan for the 3rd Pokemon Movie please Email Me. You will get credit and a big thanks from me!

Saturday, February 24th, 2001

Posted by: PMX

PA! v4.6.2

Here's What's New for Today...

• Johto Picture Gallery Up! / Ken Sugimori would be proud
• Pokemon Stadium 2 Movie / Awesome game!
• PA! Reaches 500,000 Hits / So many zero's
• New Metropolitan Master Needed / Poor Dave....

Now's my chance to really prove myself! I think nick really deserves this week off. His hard work and dedication to this site has definitely paid off !

On another note, Nick and I are thinking of setting up a PA! Chatroom using a special chatroom feature on his server. In case any of you don't have AIM (Like PNB) you will still be able to join in on all the fun!

Johto Picture Gallery Up!

Fake Cards - Midnight 12:00

The fine artwork of Ken Sugimori has FINALLY been compiled into one page! I have recently been working my butt off to get up all 100 Johto Pokemon in the new Picture Gallery. These pics can be used for your website, fake card, or anything else you want to use them for. All these images were downloaded from IGN.com. Tomorrow I will have the original 151 Pokemon up in the Pic. Gallery.

Johto Pokemon Gallery
A Shrine to Ken Sugimori

Pokemon Stadium 2 Movie

Game Info. - Midnight 12:00

Ooooh! Seems Nintendo went and made themselves a Commercial for Pokemon Stadium and a cool new Trailer for the game at www.pokemonstadium.com.

The commercial is actually quite funny! There is a kid who keeps saying "Is it here yet" (referring to Pokemon Stadium 2) And the Cashier eventually gives up and hands him a big poster with all 251 Pokemon on it! It looks like that you might be getting one of these posters when you buy Pokemon Stadium 2.

Don't forget to buy it when it comes out in March! Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a GB Pack for the N64 controller....dang, I could really use and extra one.

PA! Reaches 500,000 Hits!

Site Info. - Midnight 12:00

This day is a Milestone in PA! History. We have finally reached...

500,000 Hits !

That sure is a heck of a lot of hits. I am so happy that I get to experience this wonderful moment in PA! history. Our next goal will be ONE MILLION. Hopefully I will be here to experience that moment as well. If anyone can provide legitimate proof that they were the 500,000th hit then they will have their name featured on PA! tomorrow.

And I CAN tell if you are faking it because I can check the IP address of the Email. The counter that nick uses lets me see the IP address for every person who goes to PA!

New Metropolitan Master Needed!

Fake Cards - Midnight 12:00

Recently, one of our staff members named David Klug (KlugD ad the PA! Forums) has been having some problems at home and he needs your help ! He needs someone to temporally take charge of the PA! Metropolitan Masters set. I am not sure on the details of the job but if you are interested then pleas email Dave - KlugD@mailcity.com. Nick and I will look forward to working with the person he chooses.

Missed some news? Click here to view older news.

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